CONNECT-W smart industrihubb med inbäddad accesspunkt för Wi-Fi


CONNECT-W smart industrihubb med inbäddad accesspunkt för Wi-Fi

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Del nummer 6159327230
IP protection IP40 (IP54 with an additionnal accessory)
Width (W) 90 mm
Height (H) 221 mm
Max nbr of curves saved per TU 50
Display Capacitive color touch screen 4,3 u2019 u2019
Max nbr of results saved per TU 20000
Assembly process results per TU 250
USB port 2 + 1 Front
Accessories - Optional Advanced wall mounting, Stack light, Socket tray, Bit tray, Operator panel, Field bus, I/O expander, Desoutter Sight, Kit IP 54
Weight 2.8 kg
Length (L) 210 mm
Power supply 110V, 220 V, 24V
Plug & play fieldbus module port - Optional Through External Module
Embedded ethernet switch 4 Ports + 1 Front u2013 2 networks
Max number of TU (Cordless tools) 10
Access point Embedded (includes internal access point)

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