A1 (Discontinued) Teknisk beskrivning

Part number 436313
Model A1
Discontinued Ja
Tools Ja
Description A1 Full Feature Control Block
Features Air Return Port – Connects to breather port in the nose of the tool to provide extra retract capability with heavy front end attachments (10-32)
Start Button – For manual operation and set-up
Remote Start Signal Port Pulse (10-32)
Manual Stop Button – Interrupts cycle and returns AFD to datum
Remote Stop Signal Port – Requires external signal pulse for returning the unit to datum rest position (10-32)
Air inlet (1/4" BSP or 1/4" NPT)
Work Cycle Complete Port – Used for sequence control with other AFD’s clamps, index tables, etc (positive at datum position) (10-32)
Depth Stop Signal Port – Used with external circuits such as dwell or pecking (10-32)
Retract rate adjustment control
Advance rate adjustment control
Feed rate adjustment control
Feed port (1/8" NPT)
Return port (1/8" NPT)
Start solenoid
Stop solenoid
Datum return (M8 x 1.00)
Depth position (M8 x 1.00)

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